RIYL: Baths, Teebs, Shlohmo

Label: Ghostly International

Multi-instrumentalist Will Wiesenfeld has been quietly releasing albums under the Geotic alias long before the genesis of his wider-known work as Baths.  Geotic has been an open-ended project for Will, allowing him to experiment with ambient textures and lofi bedroom recordings.  His 2010 album Mend, my personal favorite, plays primarily with 10-20 second loops of acoustic guitars and soft synths and finds the humanity buried within their repetition.  2014’s Sunset Mountain (Eon Isle) consists entirely of vocal loops, harmonizing and looping over each other like a church choir.  Every album treads through something different and it’s always interesting, so I’m a huge fan of the project.

Geotic’s newest endeavor, 2017’s Abysma, appears to be heading in a more electronic direction.  While the majority of Geotic’s material falls into free-flowing ambient territory, his latest single, Actually Smiling, appears to employ some actual song structure.  While the loops are still present, the track ebbs and flows, building and retracting like a synthetic tide.  I love the path he’s taking here and can’t wait to hear the rest.

None of Geotic’s material has been released on vinyl until now, so this is an exciting release for the label and the artist.  Listen to Actually Smiling below and grab a copy of the album on opal vinyl while supplies last.


The Details

Opal vinyl is limited to 700 copies worldwide
Vinyl housed in a black dust sleeve inside a 350gsm matte finish jacket with holographic foil stamp
Cover artwork by Kyttenjanae, layout & design by Jesselisa Moretti

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Price $18

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