RIYL: Bass music

Label: Mistry Muzik

Naturally, a lot of music comes out every single year and the reality of this is only amplified with humanity’s near-universal access to the Internet. Even now as I write this measly article, many Bandcamp releases are getting uploaded in to numerous unexplored crevices of Bandcamp and on top of that, many of those won’t see a single play from a stranger. Gaunt’s foreboding electronic collage, Crowd Noise, came out back in December and also happens to be the Cambridge producer’s debut period. Boomkat describes this as “UK soundboy pressure” – the whole thing feels like it’s trying to contain one violent explosion of sound. It sputters, it scratches, it rings – this is seemingly devoid of a label. One thing I can tell you for sure – get those subwoofers out and ready to go. Listen to Crowd Noise below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Beneath’s Mistry declassifies the debut drop of UK soundboy pressure from Gaunt for public consumption. The Cambridge-born, Brixton-based producer may be fresh to the game but comes steeled for the rave with four tracks of blunt bass and toiling percussion that sound like they’ve been at it since ’92, wearing down their threads and cogs until they’re sufficiently grinding for 2015.

The Hessle-favoured drunken master rolige of Crowd Noise jumps up first with drily functional dynamics, whereas JP trips out to electro-avian chatter and tribal chant socked with gut-punch subs. Likewise, the lop-sided MMRH is sure to scatter the dance with bullying force but, the electro- filleted triplets of SP12 prove a deft mix of gloomy voices, viscous subs and dub sleight that’s cannier than his brutish gestures may first indicate.

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