This single comes from Füxa’s fantastic 2012 album Electric Sound of Summer. “Our Lips Are Sealed” features Sarah Peacock (of Seefeel) providing a sleepy, filtered and somber delivery of the, what seems to be, retrospective lyrics with the verses about after being able to see through people, they’ll disappear in a literal and figurative sense. The synth loop and drone adds adroitly to the morose and maudlin atmosphere already exuded by Peacock’s voice. The B-Side, “Crystal Blue,” is a re-work of the Dean & Britta song and finds Nieman giving it his psychedelic touch. As far as the color goes, I’m not too sure what it will be – perhaps blue to coincide with the cover and the B-Side (The artist is Anthony Ausgang, by the way)? Perhaps Rocket Girl or Mr. Nieman could tell us if they come across this article! Anyhow, check out both songs below via Spotify and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Detroit-based experimental rock legends, Füxa focus on a lo-fi, electronics-heavy blend of droning, treated guitars, vintage synths, and sparse percussion in the vein of suicide, Spacemen 3 / Spiritualized, and neu!. Comprised of Randall Nieman, Tom Meade, and Ryan Anderson, the group formed in 1995 after Nieman left Dearborn-based space-rock group Windy & Carl to pursue other projects. He hooked up with Anderson, who'd recently severed his ties with another local group, Asha Vida, and a common interest in arcane instruments and electronics led the pair to each form a label -- Nieman with Mind Expansion and Anderson with Astro Lanes -- to put out collaborative material. What followed was a veritable flood of releases, not only on Mind Expansion and Astro Lanes, but labels such as Burnt Hair, Rocket Girl, the Great Pop Supplement, Static Caravan, Alley Sweeper, Che, Darla and more. most of them meticulously conceived with an eye toward collectibility (hand-cut and numbered sleeves, colored vinyl, strategic split recordings, etc.). The result was Füxa's quick ascension to cult status, buoyed by split recordings with artists such as the Azusa Plane, Telescopes, Martin Rev, Dean and Britta and Stereolab. For the better part of the last decade, fuxa frontman Randall Nieman has also been a part of sonic boom"s Spectrum as well as sitting in from time to time with long time friends and collaborators the telescopes. so, finally after a few years consumed by other projects, fuxa returns full steam with a new album and a string of ltd edition split singles which have all sold out in record time. finally, the king of space rock has returned!!!

This is a very limited, coloured 7" (500 only)

Side A: Our Lips Are Sealed is a fantastic cover (featuring Sarah Peacock of Seefeel on vocals)

Side B: Crystal Blue is a Fuxa remix of the Dean and Britta track.

This single is taken from the much anticipated forthcoming Fuxa album 'Electric Sound of Summer' which has been in the making for a very long time... Due for release in May 2012

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