RIYL: synthwave

Label: Timeslave Recordings

Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol began their synthwave project Futurecop! around the turn of the decade, combining all of your favorite 80s motifs with a futuristic studio sheen.  2012’s The Movie could easily be the soundtrack to the upcoming Ready Player One film, a 13-tracker pumped full of high-octane synth and white knuckle ups and downs.

Surprisingly, the album was never released to vinyl, but Timeslave Recordings is changing that today.  They’ve put a preorder up for a super limited orange vinyl edition, limited to just 100, and a black vinyl edish for the audiophiles, limited to 200.  Currently, there are only 4 copies of the orange left, so check out the entire album below as quickly as you can and smash that ‘buy’ button!

The Details

Available on vinyl for the first time and strictly limited to 100 copies. We bring you 'The Movie' by Futurecop! Don't miss the ultra-limited colour edition.
Orange Vinyl limited to 100 / Black Vinyl limited to 200
Shipping expected to begin late December.

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Price $37.25

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