RIYL: deep house with substance

Label: Swamp 81

I guess I missed the boat on the first couple of installments in FaltyDL’s Mean Streets series, but luckily there’s copies left of part 3. FaltyDL, usually a Ninja Tune resident, flexes his muscle through subdued affairs with 2step, deep house, future garage, jungle and an array of other electronic subgenres. FaltyDL doesn’t have any gimmicks so unless you’re intimate with his material, it can be hard to discern it’s his work in the wild. I don’t mean that as an insult, but to convey that FaltyDL’s a sonic chameleon. The genre can change under his wings, but it’s guided in his own current. FaltyDL doesn’t surrender to the trappings of whatever he’s working with, but carves each “block” (so to speak) in his own image. His material can err towards downtempo, meant for a lounge session while the rain pours outside, or it can take you from 0-100 instantly with his garage. Feel free to peruse his other work to see what I mean. You can listen to “Sexy Lady” below via the YouTube video and see what you think of it. Did I mention his name’s Drew Lustman? Cheers!

The Details

Four years after hitting us with the heavyweight badness of part 2, FaltyDL returns to SWAMP 81 with the third instalment of the "Mean Streets" series, holding it down for the dancers and dopefiends with three mind expanding cuts. Paying no mind to genre confines, A-side smasher "Mean Streets Pt. 3" rattles through ravey keyboards, pitched down vocals and thunderous post-Funky percussion, veers into mellow piano breaks before jumping headfirst into an ass shaking juke rhythm. Imagine Lone pushing his way through a packed club, spilling a drink on Floating Points then getting frankly explicit with RP Boo. Skip to the flip to hear Drew dissecting jazz tones into a bumpin' beatdown cut on "Step Up". Blue Note melodies settle into some expert rhythm programming, laying the foundation for Blaxploitation vocals and throbbing subs. Sticking with the samples for the EP closing "Sexy Lady", FaltyDL fillets some sensuous (IE: sleazy) R&B, adds some smooth pads and buttery bass for flavour (flava) then serves the whole shebang on a bed of complex rhythms - it's a lovely, lovely thing.

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