Purple Melters, like a cocktail of drugs pounded down with dirt cheap alcohol that you probably overpaid for at the blacklight-lit bar, will melt your mind. A Number of Small Things in their synopsis of the record calls this something for sadists, but I think they mean masochists. Sure, a sadist could use this in some form of demented torture but it seems easier and more practical for a masochist to put this on simply because they hate themselves to an unfathomable degree. I think that’s the point of this. I’m not quite sure you can enjoy this without drugs or a proclivity for self-harm. iDEAL Recordings was started back in 1998 as a sound art label and whether a good or bad reaction is evoked, it’s a sign that the art works and serves its purpose of existence. Evol is love backwards, which is a bit ironic all things considered. With billions of people in the world, I’m sure 200 people will buy this and more will buy the digital version. It’s already sold out at Boomkat so I think the demand is rather high. Get to it. Will this bring you a smile? Check out the preview below via the Boomkat player and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

A new release for Ideal Recordings – the Swedish experimental sound art label established in 1998 by Joachim Nordwall. The label, which has seen the likes of Russell Haswell, Nadine Byrne, Smegma and Alter Of Flies on its books now release this new work by Evol. Producing works since the late 90’s on labels such as Entr’acte, Mego and Diskono, Evol aka Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and various collaborators aims to produce what he calls “computer music for hooligans” and this release is no different. This selection of well-crafted, hard-listening electronic experiments comes pressed on acid yellow vinyl with a smiley face sticker to boot, and is limited edition of 200 copies worldwide.

Price $15.99

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