ESPRIT 空想 (Fantasy) is someone you might also know as George Clanton (whose debut, 100% Electronica, I wrote about yesterday) and Mirror Kisses. ESPRIT 空想 is, for the most part, strictly vaporwave. Summer Night takes you to an oceanside bar, in either the 80s or 90s, and the sky is that fawned over mix of pink, blue and orange – reminiscent of the alcoholic beverages you and your fellow bar goers are pounding back as you watch that red sun hide under the horizon. You turn back and your drink’s moved and it’s a bit cloudy. It’s high time you took another large gulp. You turn back to Mother Nature’s moving tapestry as it beckons you. The ocean is that impossible shade of blue, complete with shimmering that mimics the stars in the sky. You turn back, and you noticed your drink’s been topped off and it’s cloudy again… nevermind that, you’re in paradise. You have another sip and relish it like it’s your last. You look back at the water. You see Ecco the Dolphin jumping in and out of the vast ocean and you begin to wonder if somebody spiked your drink. You continue this rotation of turning back to your drink, taking a gulp (or sip) and then seeing something amiss. The things that manifest in your vision get increasingly predatory and colorful. It’s just another summer night as you gaze at the vaporwaves. Listen to Summer Night below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Originally released here:


the debut album from ESPRIT 空想 + one bonus track.
7" black vinyl @ 33.3rpm

art is cut, folded and packed by hand.
released 03 July 2015

Art by James Ferrell

Price $8

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