The vaporwaves keep hitting the docks at Sly Vinyl and this may be the last onslaught of them for a tiny bit. ESPRIT 空想 has this je nais se quois that other vaporwave producers don’t possess. His songs have more staying power than the slew of names mixed with equal parts kink, kitsch, anime references and Japanese script. ESPRIT 空想’s debut feels much icier than other vaporwave productions I’ve come across, and I’m not just writing that because there happens to be glaciers all over the cover. The syrup-dipped soul samples and pop croons amidst the lively drum machines and bass slapping has me seeing snow fall (and not the illicit kind). I guess what I like best about these (and the artist in general) is that ESPRIT 空想 knows when to end a track – the longest song on here is just a few seconds over three minutes. A lot of vaporwave and futurefunk I come across gets to be too repetitive with no evolution. Anyway, listen to the EP(?) below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Originally released here:


the debut album from ESPRIT 空想 + one bonus track.
7" black vinyl @ 33.3rpm

art is cut, folded and packed by hand.
released 21 February 2015

art by James Ferrell

Price $8

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