Element 104 is a bit of an oddity. First thing to address: they’re from Miami, Florida. Florida is one of my favorite states, but God forgive it for being a hive for EDM music festival hellholes. Florida is a state that’s world-renowned and you’ve probably got something you think of when you read/hear its name. Whether that be of one of the multitudes of crazy events that occur in the Sunshine State, South Beach, Miami Vice, Daytona, Key West, cocaine, deep sea fishing, Ernest Hemingway… so on and so forth.When you have a listen below to “East Side of Heaven,” I think you’ll find yourself a bit shocked that a synthpop band such as this was able to rise, much less survive, especially considering what’s popular there today. One of the members actually dotes a bit on the band’s history in the synopsis, which I’ve linked in the Details section below, so give that a read. Listen to “East Side of Heaven” below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Minimalsynth pop from Miami, Recorded in 1985.

Element 104 was founded in the early 80s. After a period of musical experimentation and personnel changes, by 1985 the sound and line up of the band were finally in place. The major musical influences were bands like Ultravox, Propaganda and Talk Talk and the inescapable Miami Vice soundtrack, which most band members watched every Friday night. There were not a lot of places for an all electronic band playing original music back then in Miami (some things never change), so we played wherever we could find an audience, improvised clubs at office buildings, teen discos and the like. By 1986 we broke into Fire and Ice, the only club in Miami that played our kind of music. After the first gig we became regulars there, with monthly shows at that venue. Then, something happened and suddenly every club in the South Florida area started having original music nights. It was the golden era of live music and we got ourselves booked everywhere between South Beach and Palm Beach, without playing any covers! By 1987 original singer Frangee Wong was gone due to personal issues (she was always late to shows) and new singer Dauby Talles came in. She was only 17 at the time, but was great live performer. The shows grew bigger and culminated with Element 104 opening for new wave band The Producers at FIU university in front of a few thousands. After that, things began to fall apart, like they always do when you are young and foolish. Some of us went into bigger and better things, others disappeared from view. Element 104 became a long lost memory of days gone by......until now.

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