Ever since Broken Social Scene has gone on “break” since September 2011 (they’re performing shows in Toronto pretty soon), their members have “had” to find ways to occupy their time, or have been returning to projects left unattended. Justin Peroff, Broken Social Scene’s drummer, performs under the Junior Pande moniker when he’s alone and he now plays in a three piece band called Eight And A Half, who have Dave Hamelin and Liam O’Neil along with him; I’d like to note Hamelin and O’Neil are former members of The Stills. Essentially Eight And A Half is a phoenix triple-fold, and the trio have made an astounding debut, along with these singles being the first products we saw from them about half a year before releasing their debut in April of last year. “Scissors” and “Go Ego” can only be described as earworms, with Dave Hamelin’s tenor piercing your soul. Tokimonsta and Memory Tapes’ remixes bring the singles within their genre strongholds and most importantly, they’re fun. Listen to “Scissors,” the Tokimonsta remix of it, and “Go Ego” and its Memory Tapes remix below and see what you think of them. Luckily, at this time, our dollar is stronger than the Canadian one ($9.80 to their $10 right now). Cheers!

The Details

01 Scissors
02 Scissors (Tokimonsta remix)
03 Go Ego
04 Go Ego (Memory Tapes remix)

Eight And A Half's self-titled debut album is due out on Arts & Crafts on April 10, 2012.

This brand new project features members from Broken Social Scene and The Stills.

Price $10

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