It’s been quiet in the world of Acéphale Records for almost a year.  Their last release was Pure X’s wonderful Crawling Up the Stairs, and they’ve also released the minimal R&B work Total Loss from How to Dress Well, the K-Pop workings of Elite Gymnastics and the dream pop of Korallreven (side project of Radio Dept).

Acéphale, despite being a very small label, has successfully pushed dance music to more interesting places with these few releases, practically inventing subgenres on their own and influencing artists from Grimes to Britney Spears (seriously).

I’ve never heard of Doss, but Acéphale claims them to be “the true sound of tomorrow.”  With a mere 4 songs on the EP, I’m not too sure what to expect.  Their first single is making me think of nightlife in Hong Kong, neon lights and Dance Dance Revolution on ecstasy.  I know a lot of you collectors have 2 shelves full of psych music, so maybe it’s time to make a little nook in their for some dance records.

The Details

Limited Edition of 1000

500 Clear/500 White
High Gloss, Heavy Card Sleeve
Download Card

1) The Way I Feel
2) Softpretty
3) Here Tonight
4) Extended Mix

Debut EP from the true sound of tomorrow.

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Price $12

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