Just a few days ago we mentioned one of Graveface Record’s newest release’s — Dosh’s Milk Money. You can find the original post HERE.

This particular version is unique with an alternate artwork,  handled by William Schaff, which is signed/numbered on the cover and also numbered on the center label of the record. Test Presses from Graveface are only available to Record Club members initially and then the final remaining handful becomes available for anybody and everybody at a later date.

If you’re not a RC member, this is your chance!!

Ryan, over at Graveface, was kind enough to let us post about the final remaining copies exclusively through Sly Vinyl for the time being!!… There aren’t many of these so act quick if this is something of interest!!

Much love to GRAVEFACE Records!!!

The Details


In an effort of keeping things interesting for Graveface devotees (and myself!), I'm trying something a little different. For every release that we make tests for, we've been giving some away to random Record Club members. Virtually no one has ever written me saying they've received one and yet some people that really want one to complete their collections end up with nada. Here's how you can guarantee yourself one now: for any release that I make over 500 copies of, I'm having William Schaff create custom test pressing cover art that he'll spray paint onto a chipboard sleeve. Then they'll be handnumbered and shipped to me. I'm having 50 test pressings made, each will be handnumbered on the label and those tests will be slipped into the same numbered jacket. Walaa! This has nothing to do with the Record Club in reality, I'm just making it so that Record Clubbers have first dibs on them. So far I have plans of doing them for Appleseed Cast, Casket Girls and Whirr. Again, any title that I press over 500 copies of. If Record Clubbers don't jump on them, I'll share this link on Facebook and the site for the general public. Thanks a ton for your support! XOXO, RG

P.S. 3 tests are still given away for free with each RC mailing.

Price $35

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