RIYL: jungle/drum 'n' bass

Label: Deep in the Jungle

Jungle’s a genre that’s seeing a mild resurgence back in to the spotlight – more or less twenty years removed from its heyday in the mid 90s. Jungle tracks are usually something characterized by the “Amen Break.” The “Amen Break” is something built in to the lifeblood of jungle and if not carefully manipulated, your track can run the risk of sounding far too similar to a multitude of others. Think of the “Amen Break” as a risque choice for the “bones” of a jungle track. If you’re not familiar with the “Amen Break,” look it up – I guarantee you’ll recognize it. As for describing jungle… it’s better you just listen to a track if you’re not familiar with the genre – channels such as Toonami used it in their bumps numerous times.

With jungle tracks as of late, I’ve heard more and more artists deviate away almost entirely from using the “Amen Break,” either crafting their own drum break to dress it up or employing lesser known drum breaks. DJ Hybrid’s single, “Badboy,” was released last year to rabid fanfare and that fanfare’s paying off. If there’s 100 reservations, the record gets pressed. However, there’s a time limit and this won’t get an endless press so if you like what you hear, jump on this. Listen to the track below, along with the Kartoon Remix, and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Right so for quite a while now people have messaged me wanting to know if they can get any of the Deep in the Jungle releases on Vinyl. Here is an opportunity to get your hands on a limited Vinyl copy of our biggest selling track to date 'DJ Hybrid - Badboy' and on the flipside is the 'Kartoon Remix'. The way this website works is if 100 people want to buy a copy they will press the vinyl and send out to everyone so this will be interesting to see how many people genuinely want to buy Vinyl still

Price $13.36

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