Now, I’m not sure if this is a test pressing in name only, or if it actually is a test pressing. This is supposed to be part of a series of test pressing EPs Demdike Stare’s going to release. With that being said, with my forays in to the dub techno world, to say I haven’t come across the name Demdike Stare would be a lie. The duo constructs dark ambient and dub techno tunes. On this “test pressing” the A-Side’s track “Collision” seems to loop the same sequence over and over again, with breaks every now and then. “Collision” is purely filthy, creepy, dub. The B-Side track “Misappropriation” dabbles more in to riddim and drums – in other words, more dubby goodness. To call any of this dark ambient would be mislabeling it, as it’s far too aggressive. This is dub, and it’s making me happy that dub and dub techno are starting to break through to a public eye, however niche it may be. Check out the stream of these two tracks by clicking the Buy Now link below. Cheers!

The Details

Demdike Stare return to the lab with two extended new productions, inaugurating a series of untamed releases brought together under the Testpressing banner. Collision was recorded in late 2012 and is pretty much unlike anything you'll have heard from Demdike before, an intense high-frequency re-arrangement of Jungle and Noise, like a more brutal variant of the Demdike-affiliated HATE project, fed through a bank of analogue boxes and pedals, left to spin uncontrollably for 10 minutes before fading to black.

'Misappropriation' on the flip feeds off a different noise altogether, perched precariously between the mangled percussion you'd most commonly associate with Muslimgauze and the metallic clank of industry, a proper sunstroke riddim: angry and unforgiving.

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