RIYL: Giant Claw | Vaporwave | Plunderphonics

Label: Quiet Earth

Limited Edition of 500 Black Vinyl LPs

Following up the vinyl release of I’ll Try Living Like This last year, Quiet Earth is making noise with the highly anticipated vinyl pressing of Heavy Black Heart. If you don’t already own it, you may be inclined to bundle up a copy of ITLLT with your Heavy Black Heart order and save on shipping! If you want one, you’ll want the other.

“The outmoded name of what now appears as a red heart in the emoji alphabet – a holdover from the solid black ASCII heart character. The idea of misinterpretation through “legacy support” obsolescence. The fear of abandonment, or worse, being patronized long after losing relevance – and yet trying to savor all the joy that comes between youth and death. A cautious celebration, with the surreal dread of existence permeating from a colorful emotional core.”

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Price $20

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