Marking deadmau5’s first proper release since joining his new label home of Astralwerks Records, we see a collection of music spanning 6 sides!

I’m sure many of you have come to know this name, this helmet? mask? of his, and well, the damn sure dancy vibes of the music itself over the years. Whether you’re into this genre of music or not, you can’t mistake the power this guy manages to hold over some mass crowds of people.

I’m not exactly savvy as to whether or not deadmau5 has put out any of his music on vinyl before, and I’m sure he has, but this is one he considers to be the first, true, official, and proper output as an artist.


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The Details

**Pre-Order** deadmau5 while(1<2) Triple Vinyl Package
**Will Ship Mid-July 2014**

Available now on a limited edition 3 piece vinyl set, the incredibly ambitious while(1<2), a collection that deadmau5 considers his first true artist album. “It’s a good mix of what I want to do versus want people want to hear or what they would expect. It’s a good balance,” he says. “I’ve managed to agree with myself and find a way to place certain things in there that I feel stronger about.” while(1<2), which means “to loop indefinitely,” follows deadmau5’s other releases > album title goes here <, 4×4=12, For Lack Of A Better Name and Random Album Title and marks his first proper artist release with his new label home Astralwerks Records.

Side A:
1. Avaritia
2. Coelacanth I
3. Ice Age (deadmau5 remix)
4. My Pet Coelacanth

Side B:
1. Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer
2. Terrors in my head
3. Creep

Side C:
1. Somewhere Up Here
2. Phantoms Can't Hang
3. Gula

Side D:
1. Acedia
2. Invidia
3. Errors in my bread
4. Survivalism (deadmau5 remix)
5. Silent Picture

Side E:
1. Rlyehs Lament
2. Superbia
3. Mercedes
5. Bleed

Side F:
1. Ira
2. A Moment To Myself
3. Pets
4. Coelacanth II
5. Seeya


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