This is the debut of Detroit producer Coyote Clean Up and his brand of frigid house is mesmerizing, to say the least. His apt use of female vocal sampling buried underneath the ice of his otherworldly synthesizer waves works out fantastically. If I were to droll on and on about what’s available for preview from this thing, I’d basically be regurgitating what 100% Silk has already written in their synopsis of what you’ll get if you buy 2 Hot 2 Wait. I took a look around to find more information about this producer and although 100% Silk says this is his debut, he appears to have quite a bit out according to his Bandcamp. Perhaps this is his debut on the label or possibly his physical debut? Agh, perhaps Ice Cold Chrissy will drop by and correct me and fill us in on all the details. Check out the tracks “Awesome Luv” and “The Least U Could Feel” below via the Soundcloud streams and see what you think of them. Cheers!

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The Details

Detroit’s secret weapon caps a string of deceptively excellent digital and tape collections with his vinyl (and CD) debut and it unambiguously rules. His bedroom blizzard production style shimmers here in a rare and mysterious way, like wandering silent city streets in a snowstorm: icy reverbed beats ride along the rails, cascading synth freeze, sensual vocals fogging like breath. Includes dream-grime mixtape classics like “The Least U Could Feel” and “Awesome Luv.” 2 True 2 Believe. Black vinyl LPs in pointillist posterior jackets designed by the one and only Bobby Houlihan; edition of 450.

Price $12

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