RIYL: Lazerhawk, Neon Indian, Tycho

Label: Ghostly International

I know you understand the reality of your situation right now, but I think it’s best if I still bring you up to speed.

You’re currently driving 113 MPH on the LA Freeway in a stolen ’89 Corvette convertible with 3 kilos of pure Columbian cocaine.  The 17 cop cars behind you are, as you know, aware of this.  What they have not discovered yet is the dead hooker in the trunk.  If found, that will probably increase your prison sentence.

Your stress level is high, undoubtedly, but don’t lose your wits.  Let’s pop that Com Truise album in.  Focus on the road, breathe… and think of gorgeous limited vinyl.  Feel better?

Me too.

The Details

- Limited edition of 1,000 standard weight 2xLP transparent orange vinyl exclusive to The Ghostly Store in paper dust sleeves (sold out)
- 3,000 standard weight 2xLP black vinyl worldwide in paper dust sleeves
- Vinyl is inserted in to 2 panel 5mm art jacket
- Includes download card
- Design & layout by Com Truise

Price $22

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