RIYL: Lazerhawk, Neon Indian, Tycho

Label: Ghostly International

I know you understand the reality of your situation right now, but I think it’s best if I still bring you up to speed.

You’re currently driving 113 MPH on the LA Freeway in a stolen ’89 Corvette convertible with 3 kilos of pure Columbian cocaine. ¬†The 17 cop cars behind you are, as you know, aware of this. ¬†What they have not discovered yet is the dead hooker in the trunk. ¬†If found, that will¬†probably increase your prison sentence.

Your stress level is high, undoubtedly, but don’t lose your wits. ¬†Let’s pop that Com Truise album in. ¬†Focus on the road, breathe… and think of¬†gorgeous limited vinyl. ¬†Feel better?

Me too.

The Details

- Limited edition of 1,000 standard weight 2xLP transparent orange vinyl exclusive to The Ghostly Store in paper dust sleeves (sold out)
- 3,000 standard weight 2xLP black vinyl worldwide in paper dust sleeves
- Vinyl is inserted in to 2 panel 5mm art jacket
- Includes download card
- Design & layout by Com Truise

Price $22

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