Goth tinged synthpop is what Cold Cave, aka Wesley Eisold, is really good at. Perhaps you’re familiar with him through his 2011 release, Cherish The Light Years? Maybe the release before that, Love Comes Close? Maybe even WAY before that with his participation in numerous hardcore and noise rock groups?   His story is quite interesting with him constantly moving around the country, and his lack of a left hand. He’s got something in the works right now, and he’s not sure where he’s going to release it since his contract with Matador is up. “God Made The World” is nothing short of catchy. With two possible hooks, adroit synth layering and a quick tempo, how can it not be catchy? Apparently, the A-side of the disc will have the gritty picture of Eisold you see above, and the B-side will have the lyrics of the song etched in to it. As for quantity, it isn’t said. If you do pre-order this, prepare to wait for two months because he doesn’t stop touring until then. Check out “God Made The World” below on YouTube. As an FYI, it does seem to fade in and out of hi-fi/lo-fi so hopefully Eisold’s people fix this soon. Cheers!

The Details

Pre-Order for Limited collector one song picture disc 7" with etched lyrics on B-Side. A-Side is this photo by Miguel Escobar. Written, recorded and performed by Wesley Eisold. Please note due to touring this item will not ship until June 1st. Heartworm #57. Available on iTunes,, Amazon, and Spotify now.

*Please place separate orders if you wish to receive items as they are available. Otherwise your order will not ship until all items are available.

Price $12

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