Cold Cave just keeps churning out these cool limited edition releases on his Heartworm Press label. Cremations isn’t exactly an album, but it’s a compilation of two of his earlier albums (Coma Potion and Electronic Dreams) and Painted Nails, which is an EP. Think of Cremations as a sort of time capsule. This is Wes Eisold showcased in a much harsher incarnation, rather it’s much more cacophonous and abstract. It bears almost no resemblance to Cherish The Light Years, or anything from his latest singles series of which I’ve written about here on Sly a few times – Black Boots / Meaningful Life, God Made The World, and A Little Death To Laugh. Think of Love Comes Close, Cold Cave’s debut on Matador, as a stepping stone between his early material and what we hear now. If you heard the Cold Cave from the past and the Cold Cave now without any foreknowledge, you’d think they were two different artists. The difference is just night and day. Check out Creamations below via the Spotify stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

There is a boy who can walk and talk at the same time and still not get anywhere.

The early recordings now on a 12" picture disc, five years later. Limited to 500 copies.

Heartworm 59.

Price $20

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