Wes Eisold’s Heartworm Press imprint gets another record added to its collection with the release of another two new singles. “Black Boots,” the squalid A-Side, sounds like it could’ve fit on Eisold’s 2011 release Cherish The Light Years. “Meaningful Life,” the B-Side, has Eisold leading an array of synthesized organ, flute, and an older drum machine while he waxes existentially. The sobering nature of this track isn’t new for Eisold, but the moderato tempo is something he sparsely uses. Heartworm did a good job of laconically describing each song with a few words, which I’ve put in the description below. Listen to both tracks below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Electronic neo-wave recorded and performed by Wesley Eisold in Los Angeles, 2013.

Split black/clear vinyl.

Heartworm 55.

Black Boots - Cool nihilism. Existential, groovy, psychedelia.

Meaningful Life - A sombre ballad. Organ, flute, vintage drum machine, and intimate declarations.

Price $10

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