100% Silk‘s output definitely sets itself apart from the pack, with their focus on reviving house music with their own twists. Cherushii’s debut on the label (the 56th release, to be exact) continues to show that 100% Silk is going by a philosophy of “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.” There’s a niche of milennials that may have missed out on the heyday of house and 100% Silk are giving them a chance to see what they missed. Cherushii, like numerous other releases on the label, crafts aquatic deep house with plenty of anachronistic touches. The title track “Queen of Cups” begs to be listened to at a packed nightclub and the same goes for “Partykanone,” which is much more laden with the genre’s disco influences with its rapid fire drum machine beat. If you’ve liked any other 100% Silk release, be sure to check this out as it doesn’t deviate from their successful formula. Check out “Queen of Cups” and “Partykanone” below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Bay Area hardware native Chelsea Faith’s debut as Cherushii – a name she’s been recording under informally since her first teenage techno Tascam experiments more than a decade ago – spills over with loves and lessons gleaned from her lifer voyage through the city’s thriving rave underworlds. Though she trained as a classical pianist at the San Francisco Conservatory Of Music the rigidity of the culture disillusioned her, so she dove headfirst into the Bay’s electronic warehouse scene, both as a promoter and as a performer. For her 19th birthday she received a Yamaha RS7000 sequencer, thus birthing an obsession with live PA sets, which she’s never deviated from. Recorded mostly in SF (with the exception of one track cut in Berlin), and mixed by Matthew Zipkin, Queen Of Cups takes the expansive blueprint of slow-burn deep house but threads it through with waves of synth wash, acid flash, and simmering strobe glow, for a loose yet composed suite of 21st-century free-spirit pulse generation. Mastered by Eric Hanson. In new SILK label sleeves designed by Bobby Houlihan. Edition of 345.

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