“Charlatan” is such a pretty and elegant word, but its meaning is anything but. In case you don’t know what it means, or if you’ve forgotten, it basically means a con man; a deceiver. Local Agent plays a con on the senses, giving off the feeling that this could have been found in a forest, having been dropped off by some aliens in the middle of the night. Brad Rose, the label head of Digitalis Recordings (a cassette label), squeezes, pulls and smashes together as many elements as he possibly can out of his synthesizers, which appear to be analog. This record is like a Gish gallup, but without the negative connotation associated with the phrase – Rose, for a good chunk of the record, lobs so many rocks of sounds at you and he gives you no time to process any of it. It’s best just to succumb to the abstract madness and soak it all up. Check out a preview of the entire record by clicking on the blue box and “The Cure” in full via the SoundCloud player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

Local Agent

by Charlatan
Umor Rex
UR066 - 2014
LP limited to 300 copies, pressed on yellow transparent colored vinyl and packaged in uncoated stock jackets with double sided insert, black polylined inner sleeve, and free download card. The download card includes the entire album plus remixes from Roll The Dice and Black Hat.

While supplies last all mailorder customers will receive the Dead Drop as a free bonus cassette. The Dead Drop contains 8 additional new tracks from Charlatan recorded during the sessions for Local Agent. Dead Drop is limited to 100 pro-dubbed chrome tapes with 4 panel J-card and download code. The tape is not available for sale separately. This is a pre-order for August 26th street date. All orders containing Local Agent will ship on or slightly before the street date.

Local Agent is the fourth LP by Charlatan, a.k.a. Brad Rose, label-head of Digitalis, also known as The North Sea and one half of Safiyya. Local Agent is Charlatan's streamlined statement, an amalgam of spy and sci-fi techno with touches of abstract dub, finely mastered by John Tejada.

Local Agent is a great culmination of several years’ work by Brad Rose, who has been studying and styling a conceptual and abstract merge between industrial-beat and techno structures, with a sensitivity for narrative and the description of futuristic landscapes (retro-futuristic / Lab style). While employing his usual set of tools (electronic synthesis, cyclical melodies and techno/abstract rhythms), this time around Brad Rose/Charlatan is also playing inside the most turbulent dub territories, jointed by crushed and anonymous bass lines, to create tracks loaded with kinetic content, pieces that move within the grounds of science fiction and spy thrillers, a paranoia-rich sound apt for a J.G. Ballard novel. Local Agent can be understood as a complete musical work; although there are eight separate tracks, and each has its own personality, the full set creates a drama articulated by chapters, almost like a story-line. And this is also another success of Local Agent, the symmetrical conjunction between two axes that are usually distant: cold post-apocalyptic whisperings, dramatic industrial landscapes; and on the other side, a variety of playful melodic sequences, which function as an interlude or a precedent for freer and more abstract parts that could almost be imagined as a complex, epic confrontation. Local Agent is -metaphorically speaking- the process of a machine-like entity, a halogen-lit golem, a schizoid double agent, and a society that works feverishly for the last few hours before the great crash.

All songs produced Brad Rose. Mastered by John Tejada.

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