RIYL: non-vocal deep house

Label: Rhythm Section International

Back to back Chaos in the CBD releases for your ears. It’s Friday and the work week is over for many. What better way than to decompress with some deep house, and if you can find somewhere to dance that’s a definite plus. It seems as if Chaos in the CBD can transport your consciousness to another place without a second thought to a sweaty club of your choosing. Midnight in Peckham straddles that “old school” (if you will) 90s deep house feeling with elements of the ’10s we’re in. “Trust Is Key,” the opener, sets the mood perfectly and gives  a glimpse in to the heavily apparent jazz tones present on the record. “Observe” is a lively piano house track with relatively minimal synthetic addition. “Luxury Motivation” is another lovely deep house track with plenty of luscious piano and a tightly sequenced percussion line with an archetypal hi-hat in tow. “Midnight in Peckham,” the closing track, takes you back a bit further in time and its ambiance makes for the perfect transition to the duo’s latest release Invisible Spectrum. Listen to Midnight in Peckham below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Rhythm Section International proudly presents it’s 8th offering from local boys Chaos in the CBD. Born in New Zealand, but based in Peckham for the last few years (literally just around the corner from Henry Wu and Bradley Zero), these brothers have made a real mark on the scene here in London town and with their latest set of productions are set to take this message further afield.
Having already released internationally on labels such as ClekClekBoom (Paris), Hot Haus (London) and Amadeus (Montreal), the duo’s approach to production has matured immeasurably in the last year, as is evident in the restrained potency and poetic subtlety on the 4 tracks across this accomplished EP, Midnight in Peckham.
Taking it’s title from the locale the boys have come to know as home, the record channels a delicate late night energy - equally indebted to the hypnotic incantations of Ron Trent as it is to the hazy suburban atmospheres of Burial. These 4 classic cuts pay homage to deep house in it’s truest sense - at once sublime, melancholy and meditative . Chaos in the CBD have clearly taken their cue from the mid-west masters of the genre but have not been afraid to let their own influences and environ creep in, and in doing so have created something that is unmistakablely London and infact, timeless.
released August 24, 2015

Horns on 'midnight in Peckham' Isaac Aesili

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