RIYL: DJ Sprinkles, Aril Brikha, deep house

Label: Rhythm Section International

My God, I’ve found deep house that isn’t vocal. I’ve found a label that specializes in deep house, something I’m looking to get more in to, and, on top of this, has a monochromatic color scheme, which suits my fashion sensibilities… I guess “found” isn’t entirely honest in word choice because I’ve known of this label for a bit, but I (regretfully) haven’t looked in to it until now. “Invisible Spectrum” is a sweaty deep house anthem that brings you to an oasis in the urban jungle by way of a nightclub. This night club has a fog of sweat shrouding its attendees and the lights. However, since I have artistic license (nay, we), there’s no body odor but the fragrance of your choice – for this instance, let’s say it’s Creed’s Virgin Island Water.

Tracks like these are what DJs should sneak in to playlists and if some reason I ever find myself in a DJ situation, you’ll be hearing Chaos In The CBD – you can take that to the bank. The deep house you find in the mainstream lacks the finesse and frankly just resembles soulless EDM more than its ancestral late 80s/90s lineage fomented in the clubs of Chicago, Detroit and New York primarily. Invisible Spectrum is a wild ride and gives me hope that deep house hasn’t peaked yet – the cream of the crop hasn’t run dry. One more important tidbit – the pound’s starting to crash again so get while the getting’s good, especially with the duo’s cult following. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Invisible Spectrum below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

South London favourites Chaos in the CBD come back to Rhythm Section International one year after their breakthrough EP ‘Midnight in Peckham’. The original EP captured a moment in time in a way few songs can manage. It was hailed as a masterpiece, capturing the attention of all who listened, as evidenced by the unquenchable demand for the 12”.
This follow up EP is an equally sublime collection of tracks that revel in the late night soulful feel that Chaos in The CBD have been honing over the past two years. The music’s strength lies in it’s subtlety - the tracks demand your attention in an effortless fashion and hold it, right ‘til the last beat. Another unbelievably powerful record from a pair of young producers set to take the world by storm.

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released September 9, 2016

All songs written and produced by Chaos In The CBD.
Trumpets on Invisible Spectrum by Isaac Aesili.

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