Noorden is dropping another quality release that’s due out approximately a month from now. Stuck In A Dream Of Being Awake is a hazy, yet refined trip through the city at night after a fresh rain. This is the kind of city that has steam rising up from manhole covers like an army of ghosts. The eleven minute snippet the label has on the Bandcamp page at press time really lends itself to the title. You can hear dub chords interspersed through the seedy drones and loops on deck, and as Noorden suggests “[it] is the kind of soundtrack that you need to listen to on your headphones during a walk through of the streets of your city.” The cover is a rather nondescript picture of an urban area and the picture looks like it might’ve been taken in the 80s. This album, in a way, is also nondescript from what I can tell – which makes it perfect for you, the listener, to imprint upon. Listen to the preview of Stuck In A Dream Of Being Awake below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

A1. Day 8862 (Dream Of None) [4:34]
A2. Leaving The City In Tears (Lyon) [7:22]
A3. To Feel [8:08]
A4. (Version) [7:15]
B1. Neighborhood Dc’s [7:56]
B2. Touch [8:17]
B3. Walled City (Kowloon) [1:03]
B4. Don’t Leave The R [7:23]
B5. Times (Ruff) [5:26]

Caldera’s first album »Stuck In A Dream Of Being Awake« is the kind of soundtrack that you need to listen on your headphones during a walk through the streets of your city. It’s for the day – it’s for the night. A sketch of thoughts and feelings – of voices and sounds that drift away and return. About a blurred line between reality and dream.
releases January 8, 2016

· Produced by Caldera (
·  Mastered by Manes at SALZ Mastering (
·  Artwork by Alex Ketzer (

Price $8.79

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