Having music to work to can be an important part of success, especially if you’re in school right now because finals week is here. Some people like complete silence, save for the wall noise that may be around, some people like post-rock with loads of crescendos, some people like drone or noise and some people like music with a lot of repetition – that’s where a lot of house/techno comes in to save the day. Vancouver resident Bobby Draino’s vinyl debut on 100% Silk proves to be interestingly uproarious. Draino’s acid soaked twist on deep house really burns in to your consciousness. “Sean’s Beach” conglomeration of fuzzy synth stabs (courtesy of a 303) and thudding drum machine (courtesy of a 606) is filthy, yet clean – it’s a rallying cry for the dance floor. The Cloudface edit of “Xanthan Gum” at the end of this EP sounds like a rejected track that would’ve been on a Pokémon game – it’s definitely one of the most colorful tracks available from Draino.  The Cloudface edit of “Brain Drain” is just four-to-the-floor goodness. Check out the three tracks below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Before birthing his blasted acid house identity Bobby Draino drummed for various synth-punked groups around Vancouver, and some of that scorched earth live energy bleeds through the five primordial bangers comprising his vinyl debut, Brain Drain. Tracked live through one channel of a space echo straight to his computer, Draino’s MO is overdriven drum machines saturated with gritty fried acid, bass damage, and blown-tone sequencer patterns, fused into a radical and weird debased mutant house. The EP’s five tracks are the cumulation of two years of demo workshopping, TR-606 and 303 autodidacticism, warehouse party spelunks, etc; all savvy tactics for developing a shredding, progressively singular style, which BD has in spades. One of the most awesomely wrecked and raw SILK slabs to date. A West Coast wiz worth watching. Mastered by Eric Hanson. Edition of 425.

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