Bloomypetal (AKA Richard Houghten) is a true Do-It-Yourself artist. Not content with just making the music, Richard cuts his own physical releases too!

Bloomypetal was kind enough to share with Sly Vinyl his thoughts behind his sounds, filming music videos, and cutting his own records!

“I choose “Irish Jiggling” and “1983 Squire” for the 7″ mostly for their vibe and similar tempos, They are both from my album “Skytime” that I released last year. I was really happy to have had both songs used in “The Second Narrows” skate video (linked below), I have always skated and loved watching skate videos, I also discovered some of my favorite music in early skate videos, artist like DJ Shadow, Amon Tobin, Big L, Souls of Mischief and so many others. Its really cool that I got to be a part of that project.

My brother and I just just went out to the desert here in California to film a music video (linked below) for my song “1983 Squire” We had our dad act as a mad scientist unlocking the mysterious of the Universe through Cymatic Alchemy, well…I hope it translates as that haha.

I cut all 60 records myself over the course of a week and I used black and clear 180g vinyl. I’m using a diamond to cut straight into the record as the music creates the grooves. Its a pretty amazing process that blows my mind every time I see it work!”

Limited Edition of 60 Lathe Cut 7″s
30 on Black (#’s 1-30)
30 on Clear (#’s 31-60)
Hand-numbered in Silver Ink



The Details

1983 Squire / Irish Jiggling (7" Hand-cut Vinyl Record) - Limited to 60
45 RPM Hand-cut Record
Limited to 60 copies
30 black, 30 clear
All hand numbered

Price $15

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