RIYL: casiowave, chiptune, bitpop

Label: Earth People (Sweden)

Try and imagine what kind of music a nursery or daycare might play for their children in the year 2064 and you might get something similar to Blipp Blopp för Barn, a compilation curated by Sweden label Earth People with the intent on showcasing a collective of chiptune and 8-bit pop artists from the surrounding region.  Everything from the artwork to the playful synth leads are aimed at tickling our childish sides.  Fans of Mark Mothersbaugh will have a lot here to love.

Earth People has 500 copies on clear wax after the ‘buy’ link.  These are pretty fairly priced, but keep in mind that the shipping will be a bit more to get these sexy slabs across the pond to you stateside vinyl addicts.

The Details

100% fantastic transparent vinyl with cover and label art by Andreas Carlson. Looks like balloons in your childhood fantasy and sounds like a dream.
Shipping out on or around April 21, 2017.
Edition of 500.

Additional Images

Price $16.5

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