If there was a musical equivalent to pouring molasses or codeine syrup, this would be among the comparisons. The Ninja Tune synopsis of Alone In Da Sun makes note that this song has long been a favorite in the DJ sets of Africa HiTech, BBC1’s Benji B and Eglo label boss Alex Nut. Steve Spacek founded the band Spacek back in the late 90s/early 00s and has since worked with the likes of Mark Pritchard and J Dilla. After some reading around, it’s not clear whether “Alone In Da Sun” is extremely old and is just now getting a proper physical release, or if this is actually the first single under Spacek’s new moniker Beat Spacek. I could believe either side. This single sounds like it could have come from today or it could’ve come from the depths of a seedy London nightclub back in the early 90s when trip-hop was booming. Spacek’s slightly androgynous vocals ride along drum machines and dirty synth bass thumps and wobbles. Check out “Alone In Da Sun” below via the Soundcloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The modern classic 'Alone In Da Sun' finally sees the light of day having been a firm favourite in the sets of Africa HiTech, Benji B and Alex Nut.

Released as a limited one-sided white label on 16th December 2013, it's 100% the creation of legendary British vocalist/songwriter/producer Steve Spacek who is set to drop brand new material under his Beat Spacek moniker in 2014.

Price $11.1

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