I thought this would deserve its own page. If you have two lonely Ben Franklins winking at you in your wallet, and you love Beacon, or just art, then you should probably buy this piece. Along with your purchase, you’ll get a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. Fernando Mastrangelo, the sculptor behind this box, has made sculptures from cocaine (yes, cocaine) to gunpowder to white corn. This time, Mastrangelo decided to use sugar to craft this ultra limited run of box sets. The vinyl you receive within the box will be the dusty rose variant which I brought up in the previous article (which you can see by clicking any of the words you see in these parentheses). Check out the video below to see Mastrangelo making the first prototype.

The Details

On the occasion of Beacon's first LP The Ways We Separate, Brooklyn-based sculptor Fernando Mastrangelo has created a 13"x13" cast sugar sculptural object that houses the vinyl and which simply reads in bold capital letters TWWS. The prototype was CNC milled in wood, which he then molded in silicone and finally cast in pure white sugar.

Fernando Mastrangelo has exhibited nationally and internationally for the last decade. Mastrangelo uses materials such as sugar, coffee, corn, gunpowder, human cremated ash, and other more controversial substances. He often addresses social, cultural, and political issues with unconventional timely works. His works are included in numerous private collections around the world, as well as the Brooklyn Museum of Art, where you can currently see his 2008 sculpture "Avarice," a rendition of the Aztec calendar cast entirely from White Mexican Corn.

Deluxe Art Edition Details
Edition of 20 + 3 APs
Includes signed and numbered certificate
Dimensions: 13" x 13" x 2"
Weight: 10 lbs
Materials: Sugar, Epoxy
Limited dusty rose vinyl + download card included

Price $200

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