Beacon’s R&B soaked downtempo just delivers. As some songs from this EP made it on to The Ways We Separate (which I wrote about on here a while back), this doesn’t leave much meat on the bone for me. If you’re a fan of How To Dress Well, you’ll definitely be able to appreciate what Beacon have to offer on this EP, which was released in the summer of last year on Ghostly, the duo’s debut on the prestigious label. With the longest song clocking in at 4:06, those with short attention spans will also be able to appreciate this slow and seductive EP. Check out the stream on Spotfiy below.

The Details

Vinyl Notes
12" standard weight black vinyl, limited to 600 units worldwide
Vinyl is protected in a white paper dust sleeve which is then inserted into a 2-panel original art jacket with a matte finish
Artwork and design by Michael Cina with photography by Tiffany Bolk
For Now is the second EP by Brooklyn duo Beacon, five songs that continue the band's exploration of the dark spaces under the surface of human relationships. As with the band's debut EP No Body, For Now is a record that conceals a great deal of depth beneath a melodic veneer—again, there's a stark contrast between Thomas Mullarney's honeyed vocals and the words he's singing, although this time the mood is perhaps less sinister and more reflective. And again, themes of fractured love are prominent, particularly the distinction between love and lust, and what happens when the former falls away, leaving only the latter to fester: as Mullarney sings on third track "Pulse", "It's a long walk from lust to love… And if I get caught, it's not my fault."

Musically, this is perhaps the best realization yet of Beacon's synthesis of darker, creeping R&B sound, anchored by a strong bass and electronic music influence.. The sound design is immaculate, employing minimal, bass-heavy templates embellished with judicious melodic flourishes. "Feeling's Gone," for instance, starts with a distinctly rave-y synth line, but one that sounds somehow muted and diminished, like the faint memory of a night long past—a feeling that echoes the song's lyrics, which relate the temptation of trying to rekindle a love that's gone. Elsewhere, the gentle synth arpeggios of "Safety's Off" recall The Knife's "Silent Shout," while the hip hop beats of "Pulse" and "Into the Night" acknowledge the band's R&B influences. And underpinning it all is the bass—a constant presence that's brooding, dark and atmospheric throughout.

Not so much the party and the after party as the party and the aftermath, the abiding impression left by For Now is of that strange, empty time of night when the party's over and everyone's gone home… but you can't sleep, so you sit and stare into the dark and wait for the dawn to come.

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