Montréal producer Asaël Robitaille, aka Bataille Solaire, is back with his (correct me if I’m wrong) second physical release and it’s apparently on a Japanese label (or they’re displaying the price in yen for novelty’s sake… (which would make sense considering vaporwave’s fetishization of all things Japanese…)). It even comes with an OBI strip and the cover photo’s woman looks like a splicer straight out of BioShock. I would call this vaporwave, but it lacks the inherent camp factor that comes with the genre’s reputation and it doesn’t have the consistency of codeine syrup. The name Jap is quite tongue-in-cheek, especially with the blatant influence of older Japanese video game soundtracks bleeding through on the title track. “Décoration Moléculaire,” the B-side, resembles a vaporwave track but at the same time, it isn’t – it comes off as a bit more… crisp, if you will. If you’d like to experience some nostalgia, give Jap a listen below via the Soundcloud streams and see what you think of it. Cheers!


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The Details

Super limited 7" edition of 99 hand-numbered copies. Double picture sleeves: first silkscreen on 350 grams premium paper with invisible phosphorescent ink and the second on vellum paper with digital black print. Spooky effect guaranteed !

- JAP which I would describe as a cross between electrofunk, BACH-inspired Muzak and japanese video game music/anime songs....

- DÉCORATION MOLÉCULAIRE evoke the mid80s/early90s CGI art TV intermissions soundtracks/scientific documentary about the human body.

This is a pre-order. it will be ship in the begining of july.

Price $25.46

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