75 seems to be the magic number as of late with all these tapes I’ve written up in the past week. Bataille Solaire’s Dolby’s ON seems to be available exclusively from A Number of Small Things – I already checked out Mansions & Millions’ and Bataille Solaire’s respective Bandcamps, along with good old Google. I guess that’s not the most important thing – the important thing is the product, the EP.  For a five track tape, with the longest track being 3:22, you get a lot of variety. As A Number of Small Things makes note of, you’ll find drill n’ bass, plunderphonics, IDM and vaporwave and from what I notice, elements of hip-hop and ambient as well. A Number of Small Things also calls this a “primer on the avant-electronics” of the last twenty years, which I wholeheartedly agree with. I wrote up one of Bataille Solaire’s releases a while back on Sly, and of course just like this, that was solid. Listen to “Hom Dans La Ville” below via the SoundCloud stream and a preview of the EP by clicking through the Buy Now link below – see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Dolby's ON, the new Mansions and Millions release from Montreal experimental dynamo Bataille Solaire plays like a polyrhythmic primer on the avant-electronics of the last two decades. Here the frantic insistence of Drill 'n' Bass, Plunderphonics' playful sample profanation, Glitchy instability, classic IDM percussion and up-to-date Vaporwave sonics are melted into a novel composite and extruded into the massive edifices of “Boul,” “B.M.B.S”, and “Lapino Clubb Mix”, each track's structural coherence serving as a stage for the acrobatic feats. As a respite from these monumental constructions, the tape closes with the ambient textural exploration of “Hyper Drive” and the spacey, pleasantly metallic drift of “Hom Dans Le Ville”.

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