Opal Tapes founder Stephen Bishop under his Basic House moniker makes artful ambient music, and majestic and enigmatic soundscapes in general. Caim in Bird Form was released earlier this year on cassette, however that’s long run out so they decided to reissue this on wax for the first time. “Aspirin Telepath,” the opening track, has this pitch-shifted and distorted conversation where a (insert husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, ??? etc.) get in to a bit of a deep discussion. Without context or visuals, it’s hard to say what exactly this is, but if I had to guess the man’s asking the woman (or whoever) to kill him to “make this goes away.” It’s quite a tone to set for an album. The following track “I Found U” begins with a woman on a phone speaking some foreign language for a brief moment  – with the distortion it’s hard to tell what. Unless you speak this woman’s language, you don’t know if this is the end of a long conversation/message or if it’s just a quick phone call… Anyway, this album leaves you feeling in the dark for the smoky cinematic experience it takes you on. I wonder what the significance is of Anubis’ head being replaced by a python’s… Give Caim in Bird Form below a listen via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Distorted Techno excursions.

Edition of 500, initial copies on steel grey wax!

Opal Tapes figurehead Stephen Bishop has pushed a lot of boundaries with his label and his own music under the Basic House moniker since bursting onto the scene a few years back. The label in particular carved out a deep niche early and his momentum seemingly can't be stopped. "Caim in Bird Form" originally appeared as a very limited cassette on Digitalis earlier in 2013 and now finds its proper home on wax. This is Bishop in top form.
Basic House is never static, always burrowing toward the center of the Earth but missing by a few degrees. "Caim in Bird Form" is gritty, like the teeth of an ancient creature chewing its way through the rocks. Stilted beats crawl ahead on "I Found You," leaving tonal wreckage behind to be gobbled up by anyone watching, anyone who can hear. Each crack is another bone breaking, each stutter another crack in the ice.
Bishop ups the ante with the bleak futurism of "64 Bummer." Synths float skyward blacking out the sun underneath a veil of heavy bass. It's one of the album's masterstrokes, along with the caustic sonics of the title track. And then, just when the darkness gets out of hand, the circus comes to town in the form of "Ultra-Misted" to massage your ears, offering a hand in the night. "Caim in Bird Form" is undeniable proof that Basic House is one to watch.

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