Let’s just play this straight. Banks is hot & her music is hot. Playing her music makes me feel like things are right with the world, but in a sexy way.

I don’t care if as a dude I’m not supposed to roll around the block blaring this, I’m doin it and you can’t stop me.

You need this record, yeah it’s only an Urban Outfitters Exclusive, but seriously, this is a sweet marble and matching transparent sleeve.

Getcha one.

The Details

The debut album from Banks, Goddess delivers the artist's effortless gift for poetic perspectives on vinyl, featuring 14 tracks inspired by the likes of Fiona Apple and Lauryn Hill. Here you'll find soulful, earthy emotion along with ethereal atmospheric sounds, brought together memorably by the self-taught pianist, vocalist and songwriter. 2014, Harvest.

1. Alibi
2. Goddess
3. Waiting Game
4. Brain
5. This Is What It Feels Like
6. You Should Know Where I'm Coming From
7. Stick
8. Fuck Em Only We Know
9. Drowning
10.Beggin For Thread
11. Change
12. Someone New
13. Warm Water
14. Under The Table

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