Friday is probably the best day to throw on anything under the ambient umbrella. Those of you fortunate enough to have your work/schooling confined to Monday-Friday – I guess this is for you. Les Horizons sounds like the genesis of something artificial, or something virtual. The bass thuds surreptitiously with meandering chimes and imposing drones. The title track, “Les Horizons,” is something of an endurance test and, as it should be, a superb representation of Les Horizons as a whole. This album possesses both the ability to soothe and the ability to arouse fear. Nowhere in the album does it scream “horror,” but its seedy nature (at times bordering on camp – not in a bad way) is apparent in tracks such as “Rayon Vert” and “Un Mirage.” The last track, “Fin de Soirée,” sounds like if Boards of Canada tackled the drone world with how raw and trying the synthesizers are. Listen to Les Horizons below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Out November 20th, 2015 - 12″ & Digital.

300 copies - Distributed by Kompakt - Fully Analog Artwork.

“On Les Horizons, his second release on Vlek Records, Brussels resident Aymeric de Tapol delivers 7 tracks that explore his love of ghostly drones and proto techno pulses. Dark and enigmatic yet comfortable, these pieces shed light on another side of his already large pallet of creative zones.”

Price $12.79

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