Breath / Lungs serves as Anthone’s third release, breaking a two year span without seeing anything from the seemingly anonymous artist. The synopsis of Breath / Lungs on Rewind Forward is careful not to assign a gender to Anthone, with them even putting the name in quotation marks. “Breath,” the A-side, is a dystopian frightening dub sprawl with unrelenting chaos. The percussion, dissonant woodwinds, and echoed screeches put you in the setting of that horrible scene with Jennifer Connolly in Requiem for a Dream that’s kind of near the end. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I envy you greatly. “Lung,” the B-side, is a much more traditional dub track and the dub chords go deep. The high-pitched wind whistles and the minimal delayed drum machine expertly set the mood. Mind you, it’s still a hint foreboding but at least it takes you out of the scarier room. Check out both tracks by clicking through the Buy Now button below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Continuing in their mission to push the outer reaches of soundsystem music, Weevil Neighbourhood return with another fantastic 12″ by the intriguing ‘Anthone’.

Two lengthy slabs of motion-sickness inducing high-pressure half step experiments served on black 12″ and mastered to great effect.

Whilst the foundations certainly lay in the lower-end of the sonic spectrum, with monstrous basslines and low-end rumbles pressurizing the soundsystem to full effect, the subtle details in production and crystalline high-end add intricate layers of depth to both Breath and Lungs, making these suitably for home listening and underground radio play whilst having a devastating effect on the dancefloor too…. Just wait until you hear it loud and you can feel the full pressure.

Price $12.28

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