I’ll end the week with a debut from one Allison Chanic. There doesn’t appear to be much information about the artist behind this lush, seedy, dark electronic music but there’s plenty for you to chew on with three tracks. The remix of the title track by LAKKER bends the once dissonant piece in to this ambient techno soundscape that just gradually turns in to a white wash, which sounds reminiscent of SAW Aphex Twin. “Realm” reminds me of KILN (whom I’ve written about a couple of times on here), if they were to go down a gloomier path – the track is extremely loop-oriented. Honestly, this thing, on the whole, is just hard to nail down. The regular version of “Painlessly In Love” mixes elements of trip-hop, shoegaze and dark ambient… in other words, you really just need to listen to this yourself because I’m not doing this any justice in the description department. Check out the generous previews provided by Bedouin Records on the Soundcloud stream below and see what you think of it. Let’s hope for more from Ms. Chanic in the future. Cheers!

The Details

A spectacular curtain-raiser from this imprint 'based in the desert.'
Painlessly In Love is a magnificent, swirling, multi-rhythmic evocation of heartbreak; with a clarified, haunting, motorik remix by Lakker.
The second piece Realm is super-deep funk: a shimmer of alarms, intimacies, starbursts and strangulations, uneasily shot through with kit-drumming.
Tiny run.

Price $16.77

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