100% Silk calls the track “Tarot” psychic house on their Soundcloud and I couldn’t agree more with the label (both literally and figuratively). Its lush nature gives it the ability to be a sort of ambient music and to be Balearic house. Alex Burkat’s use of a reverberated ping-ponging dub chord in the loop has it flirting with dub techno as well. A six minute track with wide variation, it can hook people of many tastes and preferences. Not Not Fun‘s description of this 12″ makes it sound like a sort of sound heaven. As far as I know there are no other tracks to preview off of this 12″, however you can happily prove me wrong in the comments! Check out “Tarot” below via the Soundcloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Brooklyn’s boroughs are contaminated with creators of every class but, even so, Alex Burkat’s 100% SILK masters caught us off-guard with the exquisite degree to which they nailed all our favorite vibes in one fell swoop. Patient, swelling loops of new age club mist give way to classic Chicago figure-8 bass patterns, punctuated by dubby, sampled drum fills, before billowing back out into breathy warehouse atmospherics. His recent EP for Mister Saturday Night explored more upbeat-oriented dynamics but Tarot unwinds with a dreamier deja vu, waves of arpeggiatted echoes, strobing stereo shimmer, and low acid warble arcing over a limitless subterranean dance floor. Hypnotic humanist mantric mystery music for the 21st century, for those invested in what the deck has to hold. Mastered in Los Angeles by Eric Hanson. Edition of 475.

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