Perhaps the name 3D isn’t ringing any bells for you, but I would hope the name Robert del Naja would because he’s one half of the legendary pioneer trip-hop duo Massive Attack. Albeit, and unfortunately, some of you may gag at the price point of this piece ($40 US – not including shipping) but if you’re a die-hard Massive Attack/3D fan then you’re going to want to add this to your collection. It’s screen printed and each copy is individually hand numbered. There are only two tracks, both are remixes of a Congolese artist by the name of Jupiter Bokonjdi and they channel a dubby/jungle feel to them. There’s not too much else to say as this man is a legend. Check out a preview of the second ever Battle Box release below via YouTube and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Product Details:
Created by Massive Attack’s 3D aka Robert Del Naja, Battle Box fuses music, art and discourse across live events, exhibitions and exclusive vinyl releases.

Battle Box 002 - 3D on Jupiter features two remixes by Robert Del Naja of Congolose musician Jupiter Bokonjdi - heavy, sinewy electronic tracks with an apocalyptic edge whose origins rest with 3D's African Express adventure.

Listen to the track and watch the video

Says 3D: "In 2007 I went to the Congo with Africa Express. I was lucky to hang out and listen to some pretty amazing musicians, Jupiter among them.

"This track is built with an unknown modular synth from Munich, a Moog and a Vermona drum machine, with help from Euan Dickinson and Tim Goldsworthy. And mixes by Bruno Ellingham. I wanted to mirror the energy and message in the song without complicating it. The b-side is a more relaxed and melodic using a Prophet 5 and a jupiter 8.

It is the second release on the Battle Box label, which is made and distributed through The Vinyl Factory. Paul Insect has designed the covers and label art. Everything is screenprinted and limited in number."

* Limited edition of 300 copies worldwide
* 180-gram black vinyl w/2 tracks
* Exclusive screen printed sleeve artwork by Paul Insect
* Each copy individually hand numbered

A. 3D on Jupiter - Main Mix
B. 3D on Jupiter - Alternative Mix

Released 17 October 2013; in stock now

Price $40.41

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