тпсб – a name written in Cyrillic. A name, of which, I have no idea how to pronounce. A name completely new to me. Hard Drive Tracks also has its tracks written in Cyrillic and I’m not so sure Google Translate’s going to help you. As for the contents contained within the tape, they’re as seedy and mysterious as the cover and names would suggest. Primitive synthesizer waves and crisp drum machines chime and march their way through the lo-fi goop. Adding to the “aesthetic” is the fact that each of the track names end with “.mp3” and “.mp4 audio rip.” Was that intentional? I have no idea, but it works. This sounds like a filthier version of something that would’ve been released on the Not Not Fun imprint 100% Silk. Noorden is the label behind this and as is usual with everything I’ve written from them, it’s solid work. Listen to the preview of Hard Drive Tracks 1 below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

A1. дома (иду́щий пря́мо в эфи́р).mp3  
A2. иметь в пустыне.mp4 audio rip
A3. сырье (нервный).mp3  
B1. мd2 (иду́щий пря́мо в эфи́р a RVFFMX̆).mp4 audio rip
B2. не слушать.mp3

»[...] sounds like someone discovered electronic music just the day before and started pressing random buttons on cheap synthesizers – but some of the tracks were interesting fresh, new, out of the ordinary [...]«
releases November 2, 2015

· Mastered by Manes at SALZ Mastering (www.salz-mastering.com)
· Artwork by Alex Ketzer (www.alexketzer.com)
· Video for »дома« by Gregor Keuthage (www.dpbf.de)

Price $9.01

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