RIYL: being a melonhead

Label: Hyperdub

This track bears two of the electronic music scene’s heaviest hitters: Zomby (who you may remember referring to The Needle Drop as a “melon” on Twitter) and Burial. “Sweetz” is a single from Zomby’s forthcoming album for Hyperdub, which signals a break-off from 4AD whom Zomby has been releasing with for his past couple of full-lengths. Any activity from Burial is worth noting, as he hasn’t released a full-length album in almost ten years – yes, Untrue is that old and that means we’re all getting old.  As a Discogs user makes note of (and yes, you can find some new copies on there if you so wish), this single feels sloppy and more like a journey than a traditional song. The version on YouTube reveals unto us an extremely lossy and grimy track with a vulgar phrase (“got me fucked up”) on loop throughout. Every now and then, you’ll find glints of synths piercing through the bass-drenched muck, but “Sweetz” will be pounding your eardrums to death subtly with its bass weaponry.

Last thing to note – this record is already sold out at its source, if that tells you anything. I wouldn’t scoff at the 5000 figure. Listen to “Sweetz” below via the YouTube stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

FIrst glance at Zomby's new album 'Ultra'. Limited 10inch, one-sided. While the album is an update of Zomby's UK-Garage-rooted sound (more Grime, less Chicago Drill), this collaboration with Burial is a really far out & nasty little something.

Price $14.51

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