Merry Christmas everybody! Wherever you may be, I hope you’re enjoying yourself and if you got gifts, I hope you’re enjoying those as well. Also, if you gave people gifts, I hope you got to see your recipients open those gifts before your very eyes and see their eyes light up… kind of like what this Gravity EP does at the club. Yan Cook, hailing from The Ukraine, gave unto us an EP that can make any club go up any day of the week; something that can take away any nasty case of the Mondays. No Christmas is complete without some club bangers, right? You’ve got the family over, sipping on eggnog, maybe gnawing on that Christmas ham – the yuletide cheer is aplenty, but Yan Cook can take it up a notch if you let him. Drop this bad boy on your turntable, turn up those subs to 11 and start flipping the light switch on and off for an improv strobe. Check out Gravity below via the Spotify stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Kiev's Yan Cook here steps up from sister label Ann Aimee to big daddy Delsin, as the two imprints have been fused into one going forward. Earlier in the year, the techno man released Morse with the Dutch outfit, and has also impressed on labels like On Records, Planet Rhythm and Dynamic Reflection with his ravey, heavily textured sounds.

Up first, 'Gravity' is a metallic bit of mid tempo techno with grinding bass and gnawing synths that works to an intense peak. The hiccuping groove and stern, industrial lines make it perfect warehouse material. 'Film Grain' is a much headier, more hypnotic and stripped back techno track with subliminal drums, rolling bass and apocalyptic horizons. 'Rush' is just like it sounds - a rolling, rumbling piece of techno that crescendos throughout, forever keeping you on your toes as dusty synths ride up and down atop a firmly rooted drum line. When the release finally comes it’s subtle but seriously seductive. Last track 'Flame' is another stripped back but arresting techno track with raw dreams that rock back and forth, terrified synth sounds far off in the distance and plenty of well swung bass.

Overall then, this EP, with artwork by Graphic Surgery, is cut from a pure techno cloth and it will burrow deep into your brain.

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