I find dub techno is the most fitting genre of music to listen to in the winter season. The icy dub chords paired with the gelid bass pulsing prepares you for the biting winter winds you’re about to face when you step out to take a walk or maybe when you’re about to go for a run in it. As I’ve mentioned before, dub techno is going through a revival of sorts right now – Basic Channel were (are?) extremely ahead of their time. With a crippling of the barriers to entry in the music world, producers, artists and bands alike can release material unto the internet with ease. More and more net-labels are popping up which makes the competition extremely diversified and decidedly more intense. An important tool that artists/bands/producers can use to differentiate themselves from competitors is a mask of anonymity. From some poking around, Vril’s real name has not been made public and no one knows where he’s from. Delsin penned a great description of the three tracks so I’ve left it in the Details section below. You can also check out a preview of the three tracks off “Vortekz” below via the Soundcloud stream so you see what you think of them. Cheers!


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The Details

Vril is still a relatively little known artist but already he has some great accolades to his name: He has released a couple of great EPs on Giegling sub label Staub, had a track on Marcel Fengler's Berghain mix, Dettmann's Conducted and now appears with the 103rd release on Delsin. What he serves up is three titanic techno tracks designed with maximum dancefloor damage in mind.

So big are these productions that we got a message back from that well known mastering company in germany. For some mystified causes some of our expensive equipment was crashing during the mastering session (!). They’ve been mastering records since over 20 years and that has never happened before like this.

The Vortekz EP starts with the title track and it's a dramatic bit of big room techno with nerve gangling chords and plenty of sonic grit. The dub version is slower and more purposeful and is buried in a much wider, deeper groove that snakes more than stomps. Finally comes 'y7/10', which rocks back and forth in the same rusted loop as percussion flutters like tin foil in a stormy wind. The track flows an ever-higher arc of tension that eventually erupts into a sea of analogue fuzz and hiccupping techno beats.

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