At the beginning of the year, I wrote about Vril’s debut release on the ever-so wonderful Delsin Records, Vortekz. The German producer took a while, but he’s got a second album coming out on the label in January. Portal is techno with no frills or fluff. This is your private portal (no pun intended) to the famed Berghain in Berlin, or what Thump (at Vice) called “the German temple of hedonism.” Portal rips in to many electronic music dimensions, such as dub techno and industrial, and they all culminate in to a 90s throwback; frankly, this could’ve been released while the Chain Reaction label was still operating. I’ll be waiting in anticipation for Portal to drop roughly a month from now, as I think Vril is bringing some necessary new blood in to the dub techno scene. Check out a preview of Portal by clicking throw the Buy Now link below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The first release of the new year for Delsin Records will be the new album from VRIL.

VRIL debuted on the Delsin-label with his excellent Vortekz EP early in 2014, which came after releases on his family-label Giegling and also Semantica in previous years, and was followed up by the Torus LP, a double 12” on Giegling affiliate Forum. Now he's back with his second full length.

One day VRIL sat down in his station and suddenly a Portal opened. Thru a kind of timehole infinitive moments passed by. Luckily he was able to capture a few of those to share with us. The Portal closed. Nothing was left, no questions.. Only this LP.

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