Silver Ash, a label out of Australia, is doing something no other label I know of is doing – they’re not identifying the artists on their releases. In a world where instant gratification is the MO and where you can obtain leaked information faster than ever before, mystery is almost left in the dust. This is natural, as people are naturally curious and need some kind of resolution to any open-ended “problem” they encounter in life. Silver Ash is helping to remind us that questions are a lot more exciting than the answers. Could this dub techno track be a throwaway from Echo Inspectors? If you were a savant and dub techno connoisseur, perhaps you could figure out who this is. Our mystery producer could even be an artist who hasn’t officially released anything yet. Now, what do I have to say about “Tallow?” “Tallow” is your typical dub techno fare that almost dips in to deep house with its rolling, crisp, drum machines; Echo Inspectors’ reshape of the track is also well done. Listen to both tracks below via the YouTube streams and see what you think of them. Cheers!


The Details

The mysterious Silver Ash drops Tallow, the 3rd in a series of super limited 10" vinyl, handstamped, and lovingly mastered with a superb warm tape qualities. The original mix carries beautifully structured shuffling beats, and a wall of stunning reverbed stabs, dubby chords and cut through bass. Fellow dub techno producers hailing from Australia, The Echo Inspectors provide a deeper reshape, soaked in warm dub soundscapes! Highly Recommended!

Price $12.25

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