On this white vinyl 12″, you’ll get three remixes from These Hidden Hands’ self-titled debut from this year. Uwe Schmidt (AtomTM), Kangding Ray and Ancient Methods all put their touches on the dark and dreary industrial techno soundscapes and made them in to songs readied for the dancefloor. Uwe Schmidt’s remix of “When Told” kept what sounds like Taylor Kirk’s (Timber Timbre) otherwordly croon for the vocal loop, although I suppose it could very well belong to These Hidden Hands themselves, and applied that to supplant his own forward-thinking techno production. Kangding Ray gave Diesel, a cacophonous whale-like bass onslaught, a dystopian glitchy edge fit for a cyberpunk film. Ancient Methods gave Isopod, one of the most eclectic and abstract songs from These Hidden Hands, and made it, as the synopsis says, “a determined drone techno march.” Check out the remixes below via the Spotify stream and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

**White Vinyl** Atom ™, Kangding Ray and Ancient Methods revamp These Hidden Hands' album tracks for the 'floor. In Uwe Schmidt aka Atom ™'s hands, 'When Told' becomes a sprung, roiling techno weapon rent with dazzling spatial diffusions and streaking, Deathprod-like synthlines whilst saving that gloomy vocal for the most crucial moment. With 'Diesel' Kangding Ray flexes some brute, driving techno muscle, and Ancient Methods lock 'Isopod' down to a determined drone techno march...

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