RIYL: Yagya, G.R.I.T., Giriu Dvasios, Goran Geto, cv303, DeepChord, Beat Pharmacy, Basic Channel, Sounds & Sequences

Label: Delsin Records

It looks like dub techno’s got another heavy hitter arriving to the reviving scene. The production on the¬†Separate Paths EP, Weisemann’s sophomore effort, is lush and gripping. The molasses-like, luscious, bass drum softly pounds away at your ear drums along with the other palatial working parts of the track on “Dopamine Antagonist,” which is anything but. “Cascading Lights” is the loading music you wish you could have in a game, as the energy and anticipation¬†continues to build with the passing of the seconds. “Maori Octopus,” the third track, might be considered the most energetic of the bunch with its smattering of frenetic arpeggiated synth waves ping-ponging to and fro with a four-to-the-floor percussion line. “Separate Paths,” the closing track, takes a more lavish, dub (not so much dub techno) approach in its execution and makes you want to sit at a bar in a high rise at night, with rain splattering against the window you’re next to as you look at the army of lights encapsulated within each drop clinging to the glass. Listen to all of the tracks below via the YouTube videos and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

A year after his first release on the label, German deepsmith Sven Weisemann is back with a sophomore effort entitled Separate Paths. Down for his moody outings on labels like Mojuba and Telrae, this new four track affair continues to mark out the man behind it as a master of atmosphere.

'Dopamine Antagonist' is way below the surface, with soft drums encouraging you to get loose as radiant pads smear and stretch in all directions. The groove seems to float in mid air and subtle melodies drift by like half remembered thoughts. 'Cascading Lights' is another warmed and dubbed out affair, but this time with a gentle electro lilt that is filled with the promise of an early morning walk on a spring day. Exquisite synth work makes it an emotional affair, but then 'Maori Octopus' drops back down into a reserved and insular dub techno groove that is delicately detailed with little rays of light, watery ripples and tiny traces of electricity. Head music that also makes your body move, the EP closes with 'Separate Paths', a nearly beatless, slow motion affair that suspends you in an underwater cave and showcases Sven's knack for intricate and cinematic sound design. It may only be four tracks long, but this EP truly takes you on a journey somewhere far away from this world.

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