As of late, I’ve really found myself inundated in dub techno releases to write about and I frankly couldn’t be anymore pleased. Next up in the list (and the last one from me for the week) is Sven Weisemann’s Fall of Icarus EP which is equal parts icy cool deep house and dub techno. Delsin is also responsible for this, and while there may not be a number published on the site, I’m going to ballpark a number (going off of their past releases) and say this limited variant falls in the 100-300 range. This is due out exactly one month from today and while you may not hear/read about dub techno entirely too often, its fans come of the woodwork like none other to gobble these releases up like it’s the last meal on earth. Sven’s not exactly a new name, either, so I’d count on this being sold out not too long from now. Don’t sleep on this and check out a preview of the 12″ below via the SoundCloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Delsin's C-Series, that has so far offered up excellently deep house from Son.Sine and raw sounds from Gunnar Haslam, now welcomes Sven Weisemann. Known for his deep, atmospheric and cuddly house and dub on labels like Telrae and Mojuba, he draws on the heritage of Detroit and Chicago at the same time as imbuing tracks with his own sense of smoky, jazz infused soul.

Up first here is 'Nijo', a crisp, crackling cut with heavenly pads and whispered vocals as well as a jostling, punchy drum line. It’s the rasping, bounce bassline that really sets things off, though, as it dynamically moves around and takes you with it every step of the way.

Then comes 'Icaria', which again is smeared with blissful ambient pads, but also comes riddled with a lively, propulsive and buried deep drum line that makes this another forcefully deep house track despite its sensitive emotions.

Lastly, 'Landscape' is a beatless dub excursion with synths shooting through it like rays of light through a deep ocean. A slowly churning current drives things along as you are left suspended in the midst of it all and this one closes out another superlative EP from both Delsin and Weisemann.

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